Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Using up some swap layouts

Some of you are familiar with swaps while many aren't.   A swap is were a group of people all sign up to participate, each person making a specific number of the same layouts - usually 6-8 layouts.   You send your completed layouts into the host, who also receives the same number of layouts from all the other participants and she swaps them out so that each person receives one layout back from everyone in the group.  So basically you send in 6-8 of the same layouts and get 6-8 different layouts back.   It's like Christmas when the package comes, getting to see what everyone has created.

I participate in swaps all the time as I really enjoy them and it keeps me creative.   However I have become somewhat of a swap hoarder.  I have tons of layouts in my scrapbook room without any pictures on them.  So my goal this year is to put as many of those layouts to good use as I can.  

Here are some of the swap layouts I finally put pictures on.   I don't know who created the layout so unfortunately can't give create to the amazing scrapbookers out there :( 

I loved this layout as soon as I seen it.  It was part of a swap awhile back that was all boy themed.  I just didn't have the pictures to put on it at the time.   My son and husband went to Monster trucks a few months back so I used this layout to get those pictures done.  She put a little journal pocket, which I also used to put the tickets in for keepsake.  

This was actually the layout I made for the same boys swap.  I finally put some pictures on it from a camping trip we had a few weeks ago.  

This layout is from an paper pack themed swap.   I hate scrapbooking Easter for some reason so this was perfect to be able to put some pictures on an already done layout and call it a day :) 

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