Monday, July 27, 2009

Firetruck cake

My son Owen's 3rd birthday is today. We had a joint birthday party yesterday for him and his little sister who turned 1 on Friday. Owen loves Firetrucks so we went with a firetruck theme. I made invitations to recruit all the little firefighters to the party. All the kids received firefighter hats rather then party hats when the arrived. I had some fun fireman games planned where the kids would use water guns to put out a fire (tissue paper) in a doll house. However the party ended up being in the middle of a torrential downpour and not really wanting water guns in the house we had to pass up on that game. We also had a firetruck pinata which was interesting on two levels, first giving a bunch of 3 year olds a stick ;) and second how to do this indoors. We have an upstairs level with a balcony so my husband ended up attaching the pinata - which was rather heavy to a broom stick and hanging if over the balcony for the kids to hit.

I of course had to make a firetruck cake for Owen. This was an interesting venture, but I am really happy with the outcome of it. We had some firetruck and hydrant cookies for all the kids as well.

Being it was Megan's first birthday I also wanted to a cake for her. So I made a carousel ride with chocolate teddy bears rather then horses.

Next year I will go with one big cake for both of them as I spent the 4 nights prior to this party making icing, scalping, baking and decorating. But the look on Owen's face when he seen the cake was worth it :)

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Lori said...

Wow, amazing job on all of it! I can't believe how beautiful the cakes are! Great job, I bet the kids were so excited to see them!