Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm truly honoured

As many of you know aside from all my crafting and cake decorating I own a business that assists people with disabilies enter into the work force. Over the years I have had many accomplishments and a few award nominations that I have been very proud of. Well the cake was topped for me this week.
I received 2 phone calls on Tuesday, one from the Barrie Examiner looking to do a photo session and the other from Rogers looking to do a TV interview. I was slightly confused by everything but it turns out I have been nominated for the Women in Business Heart and Soul award. I never would have expected to be nominated for such a prestigase award and I am truely honoured and grateful. This has been a week to remember and now that all the newspaper and TV interviews are over, I will sit patiently and await the upcoming award cerimony on October 15, 2009. I am not at all expecting to win the award as I know I am up against some pretty amazing women. I am just thrilled to have this experience :) I will keep everyone posted on the event as it gets closer :)

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