Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Malena!

My little niece turned 4 on Monday and today is her birthday party.   When I asked her what kind of cake she would like at first she said she didn't know.  Then I asked her what her favorite toy/show etc was and I got a huge list of princesses and dolls.   Then she said Ariel was her favourite, so what choice did Aunt Julie have but to make an Ariel cake.

I used a Barbie doll version of Ariel for a few reasons.   Copy right laws prevent me from molding my own figures of copyright charactors and selling them.  Even though this cake is for my niece, I still didn't want to promote a copyright cake in my gallery.  Second, what kid doesn't enjoy an extra toy on their cake.  Third, it also makes my life a little easier :)


Lorrinda said...

Oh Julie, this is precious! Love all the fondant sea life accents!

Leslie said...

I am blown away by your talent. You do such beautiful work.

Julie said...

Ahh, thanks ladies!!
I really have fun doing it.